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Spork Food Hopper

Like a tennis ball picker upper
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This is an eating utensil like a tennis ball picker upper for your plate. It would be a concave ladle with a flexible grate across the bottom that would allow food to squeeze through and then be trapped in the ladle space. You could then lift the ladle to your mouth and tip the contents into your mouth. I don't know why.

You could have a whole set of them for all of the different, regularly-sized modular food products with lots of little tennis ball-like modules, that you have.

Like peas for instance. Or sugar Corn Pops without milk.

Or I could come out with a whole line of foods in small uniform spherical format. And call them Jesus Balls.

JesusHChrist, Feb 05 2016


       Would the grate filter out things in the food like rocks and marbles?
the porpoise, Feb 05 2016

       // whole line of foods in small uniform spherical format //   

       Big bun! Though the name imagery might detract from the overall culinary experience, somehow.
whatrock, Feb 05 2016


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