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Knife Fork-KnifeFork-KnifFeork-KniFfoeork-KnFiofrek-KFnoirfke
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A quick search shows that this has been halfbaked in every way...except this one.

This fork has a reciprocating blade along its lowest, (depending on handedness) tine, which cuts just the mouthful of meat you wish to consume next, with only one hand, leaving the other free to gesticulate and what have you.

Sketch. http://s68.photobuc...=&imgAnch=imgAnch16
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Mar 04 2005, last modified Jul 11 2006]

A fork of the circular persuasion. Etiquette_20Fourchette_20_28Fork_29
and of the [mensmaximus] variety [2 fries shy of a happy meal, Mar 04 2005]

Yet another shameless plug... Silverwear
Silverwear that could double as jewelry... [normzone, Dec 19 2005]

Actual Knorks http://images.google.com/images?q=knork
They aren't motorized, though. [goldbb, Dec 10 2009]


       I don't know, I'd call it a late night hard-core deli that sells pancakes with no bubbles in them and high alcohol beer.
mensmaximus, Mar 04 2005

       Also good.   

       I like the one-handed eating idea. But I would like to see a finger-activated sheath to cover the sharp serrations, for when I put the fork in my mouth.
robinism, Mar 04 2005

       Good point, I'd thought of some sort of presure switch between the tines that would disconect the power source when you stab a bite.
There is such a thing as too big a smile.

       My god that's that's a huge fork! [+]
yabba do yabba dabba, Mar 04 2005

       Nice, just like a tiny electric knife. Enviable illustrative abilities.
half, Mar 04 2005

       Power to the fork and to progressive thinking.
mensmaximus, Mar 04 2005

       Looks like I need to go out and get me some AAA batteries. And gauze. Lots of gauze.
Machiavelli, Mar 04 2005

       Yeah but the K's silent.   

half, Mar 05 2005

Reminds me of Tim Conway having the Carol Burnette cast in stitches going on about the siamese elephants joined at the trunk, and the only sound the poor things could make was fnorkie, fnorkie.

       band aid?
skinflaps, Mar 05 2005

       Would the movable tine be strong enough? When I press down, forces can be quite high...
my-nep, Mar 05 2005

       [2 fries] Is that the sound the Elephants made? I always thought it was "Nokia" and I haven't been able to take that company seriously ever since. If some one mentions them I just can't help thinking of that sketch and I start laughing.   

       Bun for making someone think of that sketch...
James Newton, Dec 19 2005


       "It was 2:00 am. The smell of burnt pastry smoke hung in the air at the greasy spoon like a bad dress at a funeral.   

       'Sorry Jack, silverware's all in the washer,' Marge bellowed over from behind the kitchen counter. 'There's some other cutlery in the leftmost cubby.'   

       I felt around and found what could only be described as an odd knife-fork combination. It was still raining..."
RayfordSteele, Dec 20 2007

       What's stopping this utensil from cutting your tongue to ribbons when you stick it in your mouth? Yowch.
DrWorm, Dec 11 2009

       You stop pushing the button.
I was going to add a sprung leaf between the tines that would break the electrical connection when a piece of food was stabbed but that seemed too hard to clean, and some folks are scoopers so I just left it as a push button thing. As long as the push button is on the side of the handle it shouldn't accidentally activate for stabbers or scoopers.

       Yeah. Just what I want for Christmas.. ....another fork'n'knife. Thanks grandma.
outloud, Dec 14 2009


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