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Kniffe Forg and Spon

modified cutlery as a sensible eating aid
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Kniffe Forg and Spon is the name I am giving to my latest variation on the humble eating instrument set otherwise known as known as the knife, fork and spoon.

I'll only give a detailed description of the Forg part.

The Forg is a simple variation that takes the form of a set of small flanges which slip over the tines of a fork, and act as physical guards, thus preventing the Forg from effectively penetrating any item of food by more than a few millimeters. This means that only small portions can be effectively picked up, as larger items will tend to fall off before they can reach the mouth of the would be diner.

It also prevents using the fork as a type of shovel, to scoop up large amounts of food.

To complete the set there is The Spon - an extra shallow spoon, and The Kniffe which features two blades separated by a half inch gap.

Users of the Kniffe Forg and Spon have been known to loose 2 stones of weight in a single week.

xenzag, Aug 16 2010

spon user http://pwi.perfectw...ntent/spoonart4.jpg
[xandram, Aug 16 2010]

Silverwear [normzone, Aug 17 2010]


       it will work until the user starts to hold two of them upside down with one hand a la chopsticks
Voice, Aug 16 2010

       See what happens when you magnetise your head! (link)
xenzag, Aug 16 2010

       I quite like chopsticks, simply because they stop me wolfing my food. This is a goodly idea.
wagster, Aug 16 2010

       Do Brits use stones as a measure to weigh anything else except themselves?
RayfordSteele, Aug 18 2010


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