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Eclectic Guitar

I'd like to teach the world to play together nicely
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Play an instrument? No-one to play with?

It's time you got yourself an Eclectic Guitar! More than just a guitar, the Eclectic Guitar comes with an amp with a built in ham radio. Now you can scour the airwaves for fellow musicians and imput their radio feeds to your Eclectic amp's patented Multi-Speaker Output system. The MSO system allows high sound quality from both direct and radio feeds allowing for the sound of a whole band in your living room!

Instruments also available: electric acoustic guitars, bass guitars, electric drum kits, keyboards, synthesisers and direct microphone input.

harderthanjesus, May 12 2006

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       where I live they have "air guitar" event each year. - would be perfect for a variation on this. +
xenzag, May 12 2006

       //where I live they have "air guitar" event each year//   

       Jeez, I thought someone was kidding when they told me there were airguitar 'competitions'. What a waste of time.   

       Nice idea [harderthanjesus] btw! [+] Bands formed literally around the world would be amazing. (If you've heard of the Postal Service you'll know the album was written by two people in two places, mailing ideas backwards and forwards).
kuupuuluu, May 12 2006

       Why are air guitar competitions surprising? The most popular show on television is a Kareoke contest.
Galbinus_Caeli, May 12 2006

       Hm, good point [boysparks]. Maybe it'd be more effective using VOIP. Still a chance of lag but certainly a longer range.
harderthanjesus, May 12 2006


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