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Emergency self defence locker

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In workplaces, placed special electronically linked lockers in predetermined places around the facility.

In the event of a mass shooting, where security intervention is minutes or hours away, the security room will be able to unlock one of two doors in a special weapons locker around the area. The first door will open up to a 'taser', the second door will open up to a bunch of single shot handguns (or triple shots).

The lockers itself will be styled as a security room callbox (with a fish eyed camera). It can either blink, or make a soft alert sound to alert nearby victims.

Tasers will be distributed in the event of a knife attack, and guns will be distributed in the event of a full on shooting (tasers can be opened still for techical pacifist).

The guns are specially made to be cheap simple, and no reload (so even noobs can use it). It also has a safety that is activated by a 'solenoid', so it is active only for a few hours (and can be remotely deactivated, when helps arrives). It also has a radio frequency tag that is activated only when gun is in deactivated state, for retrieval purposes.

Some may find it dangerous to give guns to people who are fearful for their lives, but any forms of protection is better than nothing. It will also allow for more options for extracting the victims if they need to pass though dangerous area before reaching help.

mofosyne, Sep 19 2012


       Rocket launchers are a better bet than piddly little assault rifles. One or more of those pointed at an assailant will scare the living S... out of them. Kerboom!
Lesser Spotted Kiwi, Sep 19 2012

       CEO: "Guys, I am worried about a mass shooting at the office, so I invested 1.2 million in these security lockers. In order to do that, I've had to make some layoffs. And If that makes some of you angry enough to start shooting everyone, I'll have you know we made a wise investment to prevent that."

leinypoo13, Sep 19 2012

       Overall I don't really like it, but the bit about the police being able to disable all the weapons is genius. On campus we aren't allowed to carry (even if we are over 21, on public property and have a license) because it would make the situation too confusing for the first police to arrive on scene. I don't like the idea of a cop being able to disable my gun, but if it is between that and not having a gun at all I'll take the handicapped gun.
DIYMatt, Sep 19 2012

       Some sort of precaution needs to be taken that's for sure, although I'm not certain this is it. I thought the idea was going to be for personal panic rooms, but there could never be enough for everyone. The main thing is to ensure that classroom doors can be locked in case of emergency and that the windows can be made opaque.
rcarty, Sep 19 2012

       The perfect American solution to too many guns. More guns.
Loris, Sep 19 2012

       [Loris] Yes, that's what I thought - although there are probably those who like to make the carrying of automatic weapons at all times mandatory.
hippo, Sep 19 2012

       No point just carrying them [hippo]. There should be a daily quote of rounds that you are legally obliged to fire.   

       I would expect from the title that this would be a locker that you could go into in an emergency, to defend yourself. The description however is about a locker that allows you, in an emergency, to attack other people. So perhaps it should be retitled “Emergency third-party attack locker”.
pocmloc, Sep 19 2012

       Yes but what if someone breaks into the locker and gets the guns out and goes on a shooting spree? Perhaps there should be another locker of guns to allow people to defend themselves against these people.
hippo, Sep 19 2012

       I think a simulation should be prepared in a first person shooter game in order to understand the dynamics of this situation. My money is on everyone except the psychopath, shooting each other, with a few of the more talented surviving about 10 minutes longer than average. Should we intersperse swimming pools with plastic covers, and additional glass partitions for dramatic effect.
PainOCommonSense, Sep 19 2012

       hippo: Hence a number of such lockers dotted around the place as security callboxes.
mofosyne, Sep 19 2012

       Randomly but on average, one out of every fifty bullets should give advice on how to feel less powerless. "Remember that physics course you were curious about? ", "I wonder if there are murderers who might still be able to contribute to society?" Then it would say in a deep voice, back to killing in 3..2..1
leinypoo13, Sep 19 2012

       "Good news, your son is going to live and one of the bullets we removed has 30% off at Cinemark Theaters."
leinypoo13, Sep 19 2012

       Thank you for these great savings doctor.
rcarty, Sep 19 2012

       I tried entering a Jewellers store in Oz but was prevented to proceed in normal fashion by two slowly opening doors. The first closed after I had entered, effectively confining me into a small space, where upon the second opened after the first door had closed. This method could possibly be employed in schools with the teacher taking control of a panic button..
Lesser Spotted Kiwi, Sep 19 2012

       Maybe all space should be partitioned into 2x2 cells that permit you to move based on an arranged daily routine.
rcarty, Sep 19 2012

       WCPGW? (What Could Possibly Go Wrong) [+]
Voice, Sep 20 2012


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