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ElectroMagnetic Gun Holster

Use magnets to hold gun on hip.
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I've noticed that police officers often have guns in holsters. Now, I don't know how efficient they are at using their guns, but their current holsters look pretty hard to use. First you have to unbuckle the strap thing on top, and then you have to pull it out. The same goes for reholstering it.

Everything would be a lot easier if they just attached an electromagnet to the side of their hip. It would hold the button in place until the officer needed it. Then, all he would have to do is to place a finger on the biometric finger scanner to deactivate the magnetic mechanism and have easy access to his firearm.

cardeguy, Mar 01 2004


       Until the battery runs out, which wouldn’t take long if it’s sourcing enough current to hold the firearm securely.
AO, Mar 01 2004

       I think this was SF baked by Harry Harrison in Deathworld
theircompetitor, Mar 01 2004

       Wouldn't have to be electromagnetic. Just make it a permanent magnet. That would get a plus.
DesertFox, May 04 2004

       I got "killed" in a security exercise for just this reason. A better holster is definitely necessary, and this one at least maintains some semblance of sercurity along with convenience.   

       Admittedly, the electricity is a problem, but power supply shouldn't stop a good halfbaked idea dead in it's tracks. You can always get some piezo-shoes with a 115 hamster-power rating to solve that issue.
ye_river_xiv, Sep 04 2006


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