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Pet Poo Collector

Mobile Dog Poo Collector for Lazy Owners
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This item would consist of a frame in varying sizes to suit various breeds. The frame would strap around the dog's rear end over a fairly small area but securely covering the offending organ. A disposable plastic bag would then be fitted to the frame. This bag could be fitted at the beginning of a walk and then removed and disposed of during or after the walk.

Perhaps this would persuade the irresponsible dog owners who make every pram-pusher /toddler walker's walks a nightmare, to clear up after their animals although I doubt it!!

Colette, Apr 18 2001

Dog Diaper http://www.dog-diaper.com/
"Breakthrough Product Available for License." [jutta, Apr 18 2001]

Dog Waste in general. http://www.dogcircl...Dog_Waste_Products/
Bags, scoopers, professional services. [jutta, Apr 18 2001]


       I believe it was roughly around the Enlightenment era in Europe when everyone tried to make extra cash by recycling things. Poor people could even collect poo and send it to the glove factory, where it was used to cure the leather. They called the curing agent "pure." Anyhoo, I just wanted to say that it sounds like "pure" crap to me.
nick_n_uit, Apr 19 2001


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