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Edit your last annotation to make the subsequent comment look rediculous

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Seemples. The aim of the game is to edit one's annotation in such a way as to make the subsequent annotation appear rediculous.
MaxwellBuchanan, Sep 19 2010

Here is a spin-off idea Edit_20your_20annot..._20coherent_20story
[ixnaum, Sep 22 2010]


       What has this got to do with car insurance?
infidel, Sep 19 2010

       Do you comb your hair? And also, are you sic or not sic?
MaxwellBuchanan, Sep 19 2010

       I hap a puppy once, but it died of old age.
infidel, Sep 19 2010

       Would you believe... two small boys and a donkey?
infidel, Sep 19 2010

       What can you do if you're an icycle thief?
nineteenthly, Sep 20 2010

       I could never understand why it was spelled twelfth, with a F.
infidel, Sep 20 2010

       You know what I hate?! Funtion notation. Not just funtion notation but idiots who use it to try explaining recursion, what a terrible thing!
daseva, Sep 20 2010

       The flaw in this is that a single edit may cause the entire annotation chain to have to be rewritten. E.g. if you edit annotation x (or "a(x)") to make a(x+1) look stupid, this may change the relationship between a(x-1) and a(x) causing the author of a(x-1) to have to make an edit. This could cause an edit to be need to a(x-2) and so on, back to a(0).
However, I predict that, rather than react to my highlighting of this critical weakness in his idea, [Max-B] will instead resort to making cheap personal jibes about other halfbakers.
hippo, Sep 20 2010

       Ian, is it true that you and [zen] are clonal? If so, then your progeny would likewise be clonal, perpetuating a line of purebred halfbakers.
MaxwellBuchanan, Sep 20 2010

zen_tom, Sep 20 2010

       I already said that and you copied it.   

       I like this idea, as I already said, but you deleted my annotation for some reason? (+)
xenzag, Sep 20 2010

       I agree with xenzag. Though I guess it's only a matter of time before some idiot mentions the nazis.
DrBob, Sep 20 2010

       I dunno - something about blue popsicles being best or whatever. Apparently the Third Reich wanted to outlaw them.
MaxwellBuchanan, Sep 20 2010

       I do believe that blue popsicles are the best flavor.
Edit from that horrible comment about Hitler.
xandram, Sep 20 2010

       The thing with the popsicles is really going too far. This was never the home of Good Taste and Discretion, but there are limits, and I for one like my hats in one piece.
gisho, Sep 20 2010

       Nobody does. Apparently one of their torture instruments was a huge droning musical instrument which slowly deafened their victims by generate a very low-pitched, loud quacking sound.   

       I can't remember what it was called, though.
MaxwellBuchanan, Sep 20 2010

       A base canard.
mouseposture, Sep 21 2010

       An acid jibe
hippo, Sep 21 2010

       I think the jokes are meant to be gender neutral.
infidel, Sep 21 2010

       up to this point annotations have failed to embody the idea. I hope that we can cap of the meta-ideas/call for annos/lists at some point.
WcW, Sep 21 2010

       I think Dr.Bob is clear on the above annons, and has a real knack for this idea.
blissmiss, Sep 21 2010

       Oh, I dunno, WcW. bigsleep has had me working hard on my actual competition anno (above). The main problem with the idea (or possibly it's main advantage) is that you have to keep adding new anno's to the end of it, otherwise it just sinks down into the great sump of non-current ideas, where the 'Random' button would be its only hope of ever seeing the light of day again.
DrBob, Sep 21 2010

       The only way for this to work is to allow for two separate aspects of any annotation. One is kept to preserve their own ridiculousness as pointed out in the previous, and the other is kept to make the subsequent look ridiculous. If you can provide both aspects in a single notion, then extra points.
daseva, Sep 21 2010

       Ah, yes, I may have failed to consider the scoring system. Perhaps we should just give points to everyone.
MaxwellBuchanan, Sep 21 2010

       [DrBob],[daseva] The game has to be played in a cooperative, as well as a competitive spirit. When revising an anno A, one tries to make the following anno B look rediculous. However, when posting a new anno C, one aims to provide a feed line. It's an odd thing to deliver a punchline without knowing the joke, and then laugh when someone else tells the joke (c.f. [MaxwellBuchannan] above, on the subject of anatine torture implements). Problem is, I can't bring myself to alter the anno and spoil the joke.   

       ...and I would like to add that the discussion of which this anno forms a part should immunize this idea against any accusation that it is (merely) a list.
mouseposture, Sep 22 2010

       // I can't bring myself to alter the anno and spoil the joke// You might find my idea interesting [link]
ixnaum, Sep 22 2010

       Maybe we should define "rediculous"? After that is done I suspect we might have a better chance of success.
infidel, Sep 22 2010

       I saw a man named Angstrom,
Moonwalk across the room.
infidel, Sep 22 2010

       sp. "Ridiculous".   

       Now, if [MB] just corrects the title...
pertinax, Sep 23 2010

       [MB] sits in that illustrious chair position, the one that gets to define how English is properly used and items are properly spelled, of course. I have quite a few bones to pick with him because of that...
RayfordSteele, Feb 06 2015


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