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Bluff the Baker

Which of these is a real HB idea?
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Bluff the Listener, a game where a contestant tries to pick the true story from the other two false ones.

Bluff the Baker is played in a similar fashion, in which a contestant tries to pick the real HB idea from 2 false ones.

Which of these is the correct HB Idea?

PrePeeled Bananas - description Hullaballoon - long description Flash Compactor - another description

Each story must sound as real as possible, but must have one fatal flaw allowing for the 'Baker to tell the difference.

Flash Compactor is not it because it is mfd-bad-science; you can't compact light, and PrePeeled Bananas is baked! Hullabaloon is the right answer!

DesertFox, Jul 23 2006


       Not exactly the same, but close enough to add it as an anno here:   

       A similar 'bluff the listener' idea (I imagine it as a radio/tv show modelled on 'Call My Bluff'), but the difference being that it's not about guessing which is the actual HB idea, but about guessing which of three HB ideas have been baked.   

       Each round, the players on one of the teams would describe two fully-baked inventions, and one half-baked one.   

       The opposing team get a point if they guess which one hasn't been fully baked yet. The nature of typical HB ideas would allow for plenty of opportunity for amusing banter about them, this wit and repartee being the show's equivalent of annotations.   

       The two baked ideas would ideally be ideas that were posted on the HB, and later discovered to be baked, to ensure that they have the distinctive flavour of HB ideas.
imaginality, Sep 22 2006


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