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Electrical prostatism aid

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Low voltage electricity has been incorporated in various muscle contraction devices over the years. These devices might be penny arcade games, or exercise supplements intended to make muscles exercise without voluntary effort on the part of the exerciser. I propose that this same principle could be used to help people who have slow urinary streams because of large prostates.

The EPA is a metal pad attached to a battery which is placed in the toilet / urinal. The urine stream acts to conduct electricity up to the bladder. The bladder, essentially a big muscle, contracts forcefully, overcoming the resistance of the prostate in a single surging stream.

bungston, May 24 2006


       I thought they actually tested on an electric fence, not a train rail. Big voltage difference.
5th Earth, May 25 2006

       I've seen someone get a shock from an electric fence in this manner. It DID conduct he DID get a shock and it DID hurt (a lot!).   

       And we laughed ;-)
webfishrune, May 25 2006

       The prostate is not a muscle.
bungston, May 25 2006

       Speak for YOUR prostate -- it depends on how much exercise it gets.
nihilo, May 25 2006

       //The prostate is not a muscle//   

       Well said. Nor is the bladder. The bladder is a sac surounded by muscles which do the contracting for it. Yes, if the current got into the urethra, it would travel through the urine through the bladder and through the contracting muscles around it. The problem is that it would continue to travel to all other nearby tissues causing a discomforting feeling. Also, this would contract all bladder muscles at once instead of in a peristalsic motion, putting immense pressure on the bladder.
jellydoughnut, May 31 2006

       this is all pure prosticulation +
xenzag, May 31 2006

       And those little sounds you hear when you pee are prosta-toots.
normzone, May 31 2006

       /putting immense pressure on the bladder./ - That's the ticket! Work that bladder!
bungston, May 31 2006

       I don't know if the muscles around the bladder are strong enough to make it rupture, but I don't want to be the first to find out.
jellydoughnut, Jun 04 2006

       In the end, I just don't want to shock my weewee.
epicproblem, Jun 04 2006


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