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Kidney switch

Exactly what it says on the box.
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We have been studying human anatomy and note that your species has two kidneys.

However, you seem perfectly able to function with just one.

For the cautious amongst you, we now offer the BorgCo kidney switch.

The Kidney Switch is installed by a laparoscopic microsurgical procedure in the renal artery. It reduces blood flow to the chosen kidney to a "care and maintainance" level; the kidney is kept alive and healthy, but runs at minimal operational load, to prevent atrophy. Now and again, the kidney is automatically tested on full load.

Should the other kidney be compromised by injury or infection, the kidney switch is activated, and Viola ! Normal service is restored.

8th of 7, Mar 08 2010


       /It reduces blood flow to the chosen kidney to a "care and maintainance" level/   

       When this happens in real life, because the artery to the kidney gets stenotic, the kidney does not like it. Perceiving itself to be getting less than optimal blood, it takes measures to increase blood pressure in the entire body. This is called secondary hypertension and it can be a big deal.
bungston, Mar 08 2010

       Relax, BorgCo have that one covered. It's all in the patent application.
8th of 7, Mar 08 2010

       //BorgCo have that one covered.// Let me guess:
1) induce renal artery stenosis
2) malignant hypertension
3) intracerebral hemorrhage
4) coma
5) harvest kidney
6) sell kidney for black-market transplant
mouseposture, Mar 13 2010

       Hmm.. Not convinced by this one, although I am now thinking that you could possibly multiplex the two kidneys so that you use one at a time - but swap every 20 minutes or so...
Jinbish, Mar 13 2010

       whatever +1 - boom!
po, Mar 13 2010


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