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Electrically warmed condom

witiricity warms graphene like microprinting on condom, increasing pleasure.
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This was originally an electric blanket technology.

Condoms could have microprinted EM antennas made of something like graphene. Then witricity could gently warm the condoms while in use, causing a warming sensation during sex. This might be the first condom that actually increases pleasure.

With lubricant, this approaches hot, wet and (still working on) tight.

beanangel, Feb 02 2017

wikipedia witricity https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/WiTricity
[beanangel, Feb 02 2017]

Some of this issue has already been addressed Garter_20condoms
and the rest of it might be better left lay ... [normzone, Feb 02 2017]


       If your partner wears a coil, the two of you could probably pick up Radio 4.
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 02 2017

       "And when I switched on the EM transmitter, his eyes lit up."
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 02 2017

       Attempts to transmit wireless power through human bodies… attempts to improve sex by heating the genitals… seems suitably halfbaked.
notexactly, Feb 26 2017


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