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or condominimums (I can't believe this isn't baked...and sorry in advance, idea receptor is experiencing temporary technical dificulties)
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The idea is basically for printed condoms with a construction theme.
-Tape measure, (3/4 scale for the less endowed, 1 1/4 scale for gag gifts and stag-ettes)
-Drill bit
Sledge hammer
Yadda yadda yadda, little tool shaped combo packs in a little tool box, no need for a list, you get the gist, though this idea wouldn't be missed, I hope you won't get too pissed and perhaps a mere product with a twist deserves at most a slap on the wrist.

I SO can't believe this isn't baked.

Dick’s Formalwear custom printed condoms http://www.dicksformalwear.com/10.htm
[borisbarp, May 05 2008]

Durex http://www.durex.co...browser=ok&flash=ok
made from pasta according to [reensure] [xenzag, May 05 2008]

Duros http://en.wikipedia...ki/Duros_%28food%29
Oops! lol This is pasta [reensure, May 05 2008]


       Sex isn't supposed to be this immature. [+]
daseva, May 05 2008

       it won't just remind *her* of all the little jobs you've neglected lately?
po, May 05 2008

       Take it to Durex right away! +
xenzag, May 05 2008

       Isn't Durex a pasta company?
reensure, May 05 2008

       //Isn't Durex a pasta company?// NOW he tells me!
MaxwellBuchanan, May 05 2008

       penne or macaroni sir?
hippo, May 06 2008

       + hehe, does anyone get a *pencil*?
xandram, May 06 2008

       Would they come in various "Screw" sizes and shapes?
Blisterbob, May 07 2008

       //it won't just remind *her* of all the little jobs you've neglected lately?//   

       It opens it up to allow one to neglect some completely new jobs too.   

       Cute idea. +
sartep, May 11 2008

       I'd take the one with the measuring tape provide that the ruler started on 6".
Jscotty, May 11 2008

       Ah, those are in the sales quote kit...with...the pencil...and the cunningualculator   

po, May 11 2008


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