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full body condom

The ultimate in Infection Deflection
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A custom-fit condom from the neck on down. Male version has the "resevoir tip" for the front member and an anal "protection tube" for the rear. Female version has protection tube for the front and the rear orifaces. Made of durable latex for a glove-like fit. Comes in different colors along with glow-in-the-dark colors as well for erotic excitement!
muzer, Oct 10 2003

googled: full body condom http://www.1greatad...duct_Code=PD8702-99
I've actually seen these things in a store...
Link contains no porn. You decide if that is good or bad. [swamilad, Oct 04 2004]


       demonstration of fitting procedure please.   

       can the men keep their socks on?
po, Oct 10 2003

       Somehow, glow-in-the-dark just doesn't say "erotic" to me. More like "Radioactive". This was done in that daft film...er..Southern Fried Movie or something. Or was it Naked Gun?
squeak, Oct 10 2003

       Naked Gun.
DrBob, Oct 10 2003

       Lubricated? Ribbed?
grahamhgreen, Oct 10 2003

       Ribbed? That would be a corset condom.
squeak, Oct 10 2003

       Latex wouldn't work, obviously. I read a short story Piers Anthony wrote once where the women had bodysuits of a comepletly transluscent material that conformed automatically to every contour. Gave the gals a bit of a sheen on their skin, and it was also waterproof. It had a bit of elasticity to it, of course, so after congress the girl would spread 'em a bit and out pop the little wigglers.   

       He's a dirty old bastard, but he certainly can turn a phrase. The main charecter, discovering this material, plans to steal it and make a fortune. But he gets caught, I think--I don't really care, the best part was the sexual aspect (I'm certainly one to talk about dirty).
Eugene, Oct 10 2003

       May become a problem for those who wish to carry a prophylactic on their person. I mean you'd have to then make mens wallets the size of a pizza box to be able to hold the things.
catch22, Oct 11 2003

       Or you could store it, spring loaded, in a ring... just like the Flash.   

       Roll it up and wear it as a hat until needed.
Cedar Park, Oct 12 2003

       po: I *always* keep my socks on...
DrCurry, Oct 12 2003

       Rolled up and worn as a hat?
FarmerJohn, Oct 12 2003

       This would however make presidential sex scandes a helluva lot easier to find out about.   

       does it have a breathing hole? i don't wan't to literally go limp in a full body condom...
Kociol, Feb 05 2005

       [po], many a warrior has fallen through the Sock Gap. (Coupling UK)
disbomber, Apr 09 2005


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