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Fifteen seconds of Fame

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As a sweeping generalisation, most people are obsessed with celebrities and, probably not a sweeping generalisation, most people are at least marginally interested in sex.

I propose to daringly combine these two facets of the popular psyche into Celebrity Condoms. These are like minature latex glove puppets lovingly rendered into likenesses of the great and the good.

I forsee a huge market for these. I especially like the idea of variety packs, these could become the next 'trading card' phenomenon as people desparately try to complete their favourite sport team or beat combo.

Alternatively themed sets could be made, great leaders of the twentieth century, sports teams, religious figures etc.

rambling_sid, Dec 23 2004

Fantales - chocolate sweets with celebrity trivia http://australian-f...llies/fantales.html
[benfrost, Dec 24 2004]

personalised vibrators Personalised_20Vibrator
[benfrost, Dec 24 2004]


       Toby Anstis.
calum, Dec 23 2004

       Gordon Brown.   

       With Toby Anstis.
salachair, Dec 23 2004

       It would have to be Robert Wadlow.
stupop, Dec 23 2004

       edit: mfd removed.
dentworth, Dec 23 2004

       Okay, [dentworth] I got rid of the last line.
rambling_sid, Dec 23 2004

       This is a fantastic idea - though I think actually having the likeness of George Bush stretched across the percy would present difficulties in manufacturing, printing onto rubber and possibly safety - not to mention the research and testing required.   

       What if they were normal condoms inside, and like 'Fantales' on the packaging (see link). A picture (artist' impression) of the celebrity with your branding on one side, then the other side some copy or facts about their sex life, sexy movies, reasons why they are metaphorically rogering the country.   

       I had a similar idea with personalised vibrators, having the picture of a celebrity or yourself on the end of a dildo - but this is much more tradable.
benfrost, Dec 24 2004

       Nothing like Ron Jeremy's face on a condom.
Machiavelli, Dec 24 2004

       Is it just me or can anyone else see [contracts] annotations. I'd love to know what he/she is saying to you [dentworth]
rambling_sid, Dec 24 2004

       This is just an Entertainment Tonight variation on the ancient art of Kokigami.
DrCurry, Dec 24 2004

       I knew you were versatile, UB, but the mind boggles!
DrCurry, Dec 25 2004

       Mine would be Jimi Hendrix.   

       Actually, a FOAF got Jimi Hendrix's face tattooed, in full cover, all over her back. I've never had a chance to see it--I think it's awesome, although one wonders about having to (basically) pump Jimi on the chin.
disbomber, Apr 09 2005


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