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Tattoos created using electrically conductive inks.
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Patterns of lines and spirals could be circut components. Using areas of varying conductivity on the skin and the interaction of jewelry and sweat, you might be able to create interesting circuits. Hold hands with a friend and form a radio?
waynej, Mar 04 2000


       brilliant! i designed my tattoo with a circuitry pattern because i'm a geek, but i'd be so excited if it were actually functional!
samx, Mar 13 2000

       It'd be even cooler if you could get an entire electrical device tattooed into you. like an mp3 player tattooed into your arm. that'd be cool!
fishee, Apr 25 2000

       Just the thought of that is scary... I say count me out for now ;) I like being separate from my technology...
ember, Jun 26 2000

       Impoverished body-conscious individuals could sell advertising space on exposed flesh. Imagine a flashing electronic ad imbedded beneath the skin that could net the bearer a certain amount of money each month! Or, more grimly, a law enforcement squad with electroshock weapons inserted into fingertips.
naveline, Jul 10 2000

       I'm a scientist! that would SO not work. What about the blood flow? You'd either have to cut it off or your freaking tattoo wouldn't work! (not like it would anyway)
verobay, Jul 11 2000

       I am also a scientist (and MD) and this idea will work if the tissue is prepared in advance to create a non-conductive layer first. For example, if you injected a layer of silicone under the skin, you could then selectively activate areas of the tattoo by injecting the conductive die vertically between the surface and the layer below the silicone. Voila, one MESFET on the road to a built-in PDA and cell phone.
Isotope235, Dec 04 2000

       how would you tune the radio? and do i really want to hold hands with my mates singing along in the middle of town? do I? NO!
panthaz paradise, Apr 14 2001

       No, it would be your girlfriend.   

       And yo could tune the radio by sliding your hand up and down her arm, changing the resistance...
Macwarrior, Feb 04 2003


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