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Magnetic Tattoo

A tattoo ink that has iron fillings in it
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Imagine impressing the neighborhood kids by sticking small refrigerator magnets to your arm. Also could be helpful to arthritic patients. Blood has iron in it and iron is magnetic if it were properly magnatized. From my understanding, arthritis can be alleviated with increased blood flow. If the arthritic patient got a magnetic tattoo on top of the problem area blood would be attracted to the area. You'd be the old refrigerator magnet man and all the kids would run screaming! Mwuhuhuhahahaha
barnzenen, Nov 01 2002

full body tattoo http://www.halfbake...ull_20Body_20Tattoo
[barnzenen, Oct 04 2004]


       Hm, a permanent magnetic patch to help your aches and pains...Cool.   

       What happens if you're old and your whole body aches? Total body tattoo?
XSarenkaX, Nov 01 2002

       So, [barny], you're saying a full body tattoo is the answer to an aching body? (link)
XSarenkaX, Nov 01 2002

       have I got this right? arthritis in the knee - get a knee tattoo - all the blood goes to the knee - rest of the body de-sanguinated. I'd be bulgy-knee woman.
po, Nov 01 2002

       Hey, this could outsell Viagra. Just tattoo the beaver cleaver and...OUCH!
FarmerJohn, Nov 01 2002

       Such modified "cleaving tools" and other metallic devices would not be conducive to certain medical procedures... Most notable would be the MRI for the less obvious reason that such compounds in the tattoo would act as a heat sink.

       But to each their own. Slightly curious now what the actual effect would be...
hollajam, Nov 01 2002

       FJ: I recently read that some men have started implanting beads in said cleavers for stimulating said beavers; just implant beads made out of hematite instead.   

       [And thus a handful of dirty minds hijack an otherwise completely innocuous idea.]
DrCurry, Nov 01 2002

       I presume you are speaking for yourself DrCurry. I'm sure that my elusive mind requires at least two hands on it's own to embrace and having never been held yet it remains uncontaminated. ;-).
hollajam, Nov 01 2002

       The Master of Degausse
thumbwax, Dec 09 2002


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