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Scratch and Sniff/Flavored Tattoo

Summary? Self explanitory!
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I was admiring the placement of a close friend's tattoos last night (I'll leave the situation to your imagination) and got the funniest idea.

What about Scratch and Sniff tattoos?!

Given current technology, a renewable and permanent scent may not be possible, but I'm sure some form of cream that lends the skin at least the temporary qualities of a scratch and sniff sticker isn't too out of question. Go one step further and even make them flavored! If nothing else, you have an excuse to get someone you met at a bar to lick you without seeming like a psychopath.

This idea is the product of a 3 day sleep deprivation experiment, so I'm not sure if it's baked or not... therefore I subject you humble readers to my strange machinations.

(All mistakes in spelling and grammar are the result of mistransmission across the internet. That's my story and I'm stickin to it)

ArmoredHeart, Feb 04 2003


       But my tatoo's a fish skeleton (i kid you not)!!!   

squeak, Feb 04 2003

       A cream that, when applied to the skin, gives of a certain odor that it doesn't have on its own. Perfume, or WIBNI.
snarfyguy, Feb 04 2003

       sp. Tattoo (unless this is considered acceptable across the Atlantic)
Isis, Feb 04 2003

       Image of two cannibals eating... suddenly one grimaces and gags.
waugsqueke, Feb 04 2003

       I thought the flavors/smells were supposed to be pleasant.
Macwarrior, Feb 04 2003

       They are. Like fruit and stuff. Not dead fish.. ick.   

       As for perfume, it's not scratch and sniff. It just exists.
ArmoredHeart, Feb 04 2003

       My understanding of perfume is that it's supposed to somehow synergize with the wearer to create a unique scent. I'm aware that it's not activated by scratching.
snarfyguy, Feb 04 2003


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