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Electronic Check Register

Records strokes of your pen as you write out checks
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An electronic checkbook that records the strokes of your pen as you fill out a check. The technology already exists for pen capture (IBM TransNote). This device would be integrated into a checkbook holder, the top half (what was the paper register) would now be some sort of PDA device that is linked to the sensor on the lower half of the holder. Information can either be stored as an image or can be converted into text data (minus the signature field). Once you get home, you can syncronize your checkbook with a desktop financial software, or maintain your ledger on the device. Also there would be the ability to input other entries such as deposits, withdrawls, ATM, POS Purchases, etc. Or accepts the electronic reciept card as previously listed on halfbakery.
i3rilliant, Aug 05 2003

Electronic Receipt card http://www.halfbake...ic_20Receipt_20card
[i3rilliant, Oct 04 2004]

IBM TransNote http://www.research...515_transnote.shtml
[i3rilliant, Oct 04 2004]


       There are two things that 99% of human beings simply cannot do well:   

       1. Write checks in under 5 minutes   

       2. Operate small electronic devices   

       You have somehow taken both of these things and combined them into one. I can't decide if this is criminal or groundbreaking...
DeathNinja, Aug 05 2003

       What UB said.
krelnik, Aug 06 2003

       First of all, what in the world is an EFTPOS device???? Can we be any more gooberish (epithet for IT geeks)?   

       I for one would be thrilled by the type of idea i3brilliant is talking about, and I'll tell you why...   

       I contracted a roofing company in August, they came out and did the job in March. When I signed the contract, the guy told me I had to put down a "retainer" fee. Now in March the company tells me that they have no record of the check I wrote or anything.   

       I have been naive and have not saved every one of my checkbooks, nor does my bank send me back the voided checks (they simply go by check #).   

       So basically I have no way of proving that I wrote a check in August. If I would have had this device, I could store my checks virtually rather than having a pile of old checkbooks stuffed in a drawer, just in case of the off chance someone tries to rip me off, or I get audited...
butro78, Mar 31 2004

       I've seen debit cards that have a simple lcd screen that shows your balance when you squeeze a button on it, that way you dont wear the battery out. and then there is speedpass. combine with a usb drive and you have a rechargeable all in one ID that records transactions, uploads them to your computer at home on a database.
Arcanus, Dec 16 2008


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