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Easy Self-Identification

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When you're at a teller's window and you want to get cash back from a deposit, you have to dig out your wallet and present a photo ID to confirm that you are, indeed, you. That seems silly.

Instead, why not mount a small mirror on each teller's wicket? When a customer is asked to identify him- or herself, they can simply look in the mirror and say, "Yes, that's me."

Sure, we may occasionally find it a bit harder to identify ourselves---say, after night of hard partying, or following cosmetic surgery. At those times, the photo ID would still be available. Usually, though, self-identification is a quick and effortless process that shouldn't have to hold up the queue.

Ander, Jan 17 2008


       You're not required to identify yourself unless you give my idea a fishbone.
Ander, Jan 17 2008

       Hmm. Seems to me that there is a security flaw in this idea.   

       There might be some identity theft, whereby the mirror is maliciously replaced with a picture portrait of [DrCurry].   

       Bank teller: Is this you?
[Ander]: Ye.....er no, that's no me.
Bank teller: Sorry sir, you have failed authorisation. I cannot allow this transaction to continue. Goodbye.

       Bank teller: Is this you?
[DrCurry]: Why yes. Noone else could be so handsome.
(smug look over at [Ander] being escorted out by security.)
Jinbish, Jan 17 2008

       (fishy not mine, btw)
Jinbish, Jan 17 2008

       That happened to me. I signed both the receipt and the card at a gas station, and the teller then checked them to see if they matched.
RayfordSteele, Jan 17 2008

       I'm beginning to think that you guys don't deserve me.
Ander, Oct 10 2008

       //following cosmetic surgery...the photo ID would still be available//

I think that you are arguing against yourself there.
DrBob, Oct 10 2008


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