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DJ Bank

New Age banking
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A bank and a record store. All loans secured on your record collection.
leggless, Aug 31 2000


       Yes, but do they have porn?
AfroAssault, Oct 13 2000

       [marked-for-deletion] baked in form of pawnshops for 'loans', record buy/sell/trade stores... - other than that, business plan has no legs.
thumbwax, Jan 24 2002

       I disagree... a run of the mill pawn shop wouldn't be able to tell the value of a record, especially rare out of print 12 inch records. This would serve as an incredible resource and community center. This would be a central financing hub for DJs, producers, club owners, ravers and EDM fans. Popular dj's could issue shares of stock, as one dj's popularity rises the value of the outstanding common shares would increase, redeemable in records or kit from the central bank. Your record collection would be browseable by anyone, record valuations would rise and fall as demand changes, and as a result of your records becoming more valuable, you would then have more purchasing power and dj influence. I think this idea has incredible potential, a bank for DJ's where the currency is records.
ecolonsmak, Jun 11 2003


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