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Electronic Mini Golf

Many courses all in one arena
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In one good size arena a computer moves objects with magnets. You can change the objects by taking them of and put others on. You can make courses on your computer with a program it would come with so you can play custom courses.
Kiddythinkinggood, Apr 15 2004

Sim-golf http://simgolf.ea.com/
half of half baked = quarter baked [dentworth, Oct 04 2004]


       Its a cute idea,. why would you need magnets, are you describing an actual mini, mini golf? The Sim city series of computer games has golf courses,see link. would the computers be behind a glass wall or something, and you design it, then go play it?
dentworth, Apr 15 2004

       No he means golf you can actually play yourself, with a putter and everything. Basically a computer-controlled reconfigurable miniature golf course.
5th Earth, Apr 15 2004


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