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Mini golf safari park

Mini golf park that is surrounded on all sides by fenced, free-roaming animals
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Would use only non-violent animals. (No big cats or bears.) Same placid, semi-boring enjoyment of regular mini-golf, only you get to see zebras, tailed pheasants, camels and cassowary as you play. Fences and wire blocks prevent the balls from straying into animals' area. Different holes and obstacles could have a different theme for each proximal animal. You could buy hay or peanut-feed along with your balls and club. Also would be more of a workout, as the course would have to be rather large.
naveline, Jul 15 2000

Online dictionary for eagle http://dictionary.msn.com/
[egnor, Jul 15 2000, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       Lots of spinoff possibility here.   

       Mini golf art museum?   

       Mini golf movie theater?   

       Mini golf fitness trail?
egnor, Jul 15 2000

       ...and (I'm surprised no one'sthought of this before) the Mini Golf Treasure Hunt! - Use your combined golf club/metal detector to find treasure hidden around the golf course.   

       Actually Crazy Golf (windmills, ramps, etc.) would be a nice intermission during regular golf - once all players had got their balls on the green the remainder of the hole would then be decided not by putting, but by a Crazy Golf match.   

       Disclaimer: I have never played golf in my life.
hippo, Jul 18 2000

       Mini-golf lap-dancing?   

       I'm sorry.
harquin, Jul 19 2000

       What's a "cassowary"?   

       Answer (thanx to egnor and msn): A cassowary is a large black flightless bird of northeastern Australia and New Guinea that resembles an ostrich or emu. It has colorful wattles and a large bony head shield.
eagle, Jul 19 2000

       See link above. (Now you just need to do this to Lemon, and we'll complete the cycle.)   

       It's apparently, like, a big ostrich-like bird thing.
egnor, Jul 19 2000

       Monkeys or baboons would make an interesting obstacle in themselves. Just train them to steal the ball when it rolls their way, or throw it somewhere, or something.   

       Or, get a bunch of dogs with an overdeveloped need to 'fetch'....
BigThor, Sep 02 2000


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