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Floating Mini-Golf

18 holes on the lake
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Avoid spendy property taxes with this deployable 18-hole mini-golf course, which floats on a series of interlocking 55-gallon drum platforms. Stacks nicely onto a flatbed trailer for relocation or seasonal storage.

The perimeter is not an immediate drop-off into the lake/river/sea, but rather a series of guarded perimeter pads which slope into the water, so you can wade into the water without officially being off the course. (Reduces liability and chances of drowning deaths.)

Wave action is reduced by the steadiness offered by interlocking many platforms together, but assuming some buoyance effects would occur, the edge of each play area is slightly rounded up to avoid huge numbers of annoying "wall shots". Also, the holes could be designed to account for a little movement, so rather than large flat areas, there are series of slight hills and valleys you aim for, retaining an aspect of strategy.

Also sells ice cream cones and booze, at a hugely inflated price for water recreationists.

napoleonbag, Jun 27 2008


       Would you be required to wait until your ball stopped moving before you it again? You might have to wait quite a while.
Ander, Jun 27 2008

       Would the sign look something like this:
Welcome to Seven Seas Floating Mini-Golf.
9 holes for $4.00.
18 Holes for $7.50.
Golf ball and putter rental included.

Life Jackets
$10.00 for adults
$5.00 for children.

       And it better have a good anchor or the windmill on the seventh hole will carry the whole thing away from shore.
Canuck, Jun 27 2008

       haha, good call on the windmill factor
napoleonbag, Jun 27 2008


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