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Giant miniature golf

Party games for the rich and powerful
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Ok my idea is instead of making tiny replica buildings and knocking golf balls through them you convert real buildings around the world and try to put giant metal balls through them into huge well shafts. The game would be played using a converted heavy cranes with a giant club suspended from the lift arm which could be swung by rotating the crane in place. the cranes then move away on tracks to the next hole. Run down city areas could be converted and the players will be helping demolish the old buildings ready for redevelopment. For the super rich they can sponsor a team for the world series traveling the globe to play at major world buildings with specially padded balls to avoid damage to the landmarks.
Bronzewing, Sep 04 2004


       Amazing, he found a mini-golf angle we haven't taken yet.
RayfordSteele, Sep 04 2004

       [Insert obligatory "Fight Club" reference.]
jutta, Sep 04 2004


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