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Electroshock Turn Enforcement Toy

When your turn is up, you get shocked.
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You outfit your kids with id chips (in thier clothes maybe?). Toys are made with sensors that automatically tell which child is playing with them. Timers in the toys limit each child's playing time to 15 minutes, say. When that time is up the toy will issue an electric shock if that child holds it any longer. No more fighting over toys and no more punishment for not sharing. This device would be particularly useful on the computer keyboard/mouse/joystick to limit continuous hogging of the computer for game playing.
riromero, Jul 02 2003


       Fishbone: child abuse. (Is that reason for [m-f-d]? Can't remember what the guidelines were.)   

       «no more punishment for not sharing» !??? Sounds like exactly what this idea is about.
cp, Jul 02 2003

       There is indeed an mfd clause for something that punishes all those who don't share, but it's been renamed "advocacy," which sounds oddly out of place. Also, since this is a toy and not a universal application, it would only punish all the subgroup unfortunate enough to be descended from riromero, so it doesn't quite apply anyway.   

       (What sharing, or not sharing, actually teaches children is how to resolve conflicts with eachother; take this away from them, and you have done them a serious disservice.)
DrCurry, Jul 02 2003


       Shock the little buggers!
ato_de, Jul 02 2003

       This would make more sense if you changed the name to Method for Raising Amoral Sociopaths.
snarfyguy, Jul 02 2003

       <spits some tobacco juice>Well, I figgers that I dun good nuf teachin them coon hounds with the shokker thingy <spit> see, wartch this - Elmer, go fetch me a beer! har, har! <spit> and I figgers, wal, kids uz just like hounds, y'see <spit> hey, you there, kid - you go fetch me a beer too! har, har! I raised um good, dinn't I?!
lurch, Jul 02 2003

       you sound like my ex. its spooky.
po, Jul 02 2003

       "No, mommy, please don't make me play with the toys anymore..."
RayfordSteele, Jul 02 2003

       Punish all people who do X (don't share toys)?   

       In any case, I don't think it needs to be MFD'd. It seems valid, if not popular. I could be wrong.
phoenix, Jul 02 2003

       Usefully, computers are directly connected to a convenient source of mains electrical power which could be routed to the keyboard or pointing device by means of a simple relay or triac. What a good idea. (+).
8th of 7, Jul 02 2003

       Thanks [riromero], I've been carrying this smelly old bone about for ages, now I have a place to put it.
saker, Jul 03 2003

       Being new to this whole bakery thing - can we vote *for* something because it's funny, even if it's rude/unpalatable/creepy?
mmrtnt, Oct 18 2006

       Only when we're not using the custard-flinging ninja monkey powered mind controll device.   

       vote how you please, we all do.
Custardguts, Oct 18 2006


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