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Kfotz: Audio Jumping Frog

When you yell at it it leaps
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You see kids on the street yelling. When you get closer you find that they are having a frog race, with the Kfotz frog. (Kfotz is "Jump" in Hebrew)

The simplest one is battery operated (even possibly with wheels). There's a more expensive one which works on air pressure (you step on it to fill it's throat balloon and then it jumps when it hears a loud sound). The most expensive one hears it's name, and jumps only to that. (You could teach it any name by holding it's paw).

I'm looking for a $100K investment and it will be baked and distributed.

pashute, Nov 02 2002

Twain's take on this https://twain.lib.v...ects/price/frog.htm
[pertinax, Oct 27 2023]


       Today I bought a IR remote-controlled matchbox car for 20 pounds and raced it over a pool table obstacle course against my flatmate's car. It does not repeat not suck. Can the Kfotz compete with this level of unsuckiness?
General Washington, Nov 02 2002

       It croaks.
pashute, Nov 03 2002

       I'm sold.
General Washington, Nov 03 2002

       I picture a scenario where the kids decide to have a Klotz Frog race in the house. Oh the cacophany yelling & screaming & stomping! I need a half-dozen of these right now, for my nephews and some of their friends. It's my sworn uncle duty to send my brother's kids the loudest toys I can find, and what could be better than ones that use the children's own engery?
Amos Kito, Nov 03 2002

       is it me or is all this pretty damn silly.
pashute - it croaks
gen washington - I'm sold
he doesn't mean? does he? this is a dead frog, the frog is no more, the frog has ceased to be, this frog has expired, its an
po, Nov 03 2002

       [bm] more like a ribbiting idea?
senatorjam, Nov 03 2002

       Tom Sawyer meets the digital age. Kewl. Is it realistic-looking enough to make the girls holler? (grabs a kfotz and stuffs it into po's backpack...)   

       po, language barrier confusing you? Croak = ribbit
RayfordSteele, Nov 03 2002

egbert, Nov 04 2002

       I'm serious about the baking.
pashute, Nov 13 2002

       You're serious about touching the halfbakery for $100K?
egbert, Nov 13 2002

       half, the control mechnaism is written in the subtitle of the idea ("summary of the idea" text field).   

       And the response solution is simple. Make them "hard of hearing" (the cheaper the mic the better) so only when you get close enough and yell loudly enough they work. You can also have different tones activating them.   

       And about the technology for a single name reco and the price of this technology, I'm sorry to tell you that I know what I'm talking about (I'm an expert in the field) and its easily bakeable at an extremely low price. (Less than $5 for manufacturing and could probably go down to less than a dollar)
Also there are many further ideas I have, including more expensive but more interesting solutions for this toy.
pashute, Jun 04 2003

       I was so young three years ago...
pashute, Mar 30 2008

       //I'm looking for a $100K investment//   

       If this place had signatures, that would be mine.
wagster, Apr 02 2008

       //I was so young three years ago...//   

       5, even 6 years, n'est pas?
theleopard, Apr 02 2008

       This is possibly the most important idea on the halfbakery.
pocmloc, Oct 27 2023

       Perhaps not a very high bar; a frog could clear it.
pertinax, Oct 27 2023

       I’ve never seen a better candidate for the List of Fully Baked Goods. Whether the funding arrives or not, this froggy funding feels fortuitous. Jumping Jehosaphat, this will change the world.
minoradjustments, Oct 27 2023


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