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Right-mouseable back button

Going back a page should have the option of a blank target
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Desired, among other places, when commenting on a blog entry. Once in the page for entering the comment, one desires to reference the original entry, perhaps for some pasteable text, or to refresh one's reading comprehension. Pressing the 'back' button, but with the right mouse button, so there is an option to 'open link in new tab.'
LoriZ, May 26 2010


       good idea [+]
hippo, May 26 2010

       YES. I have ALWAYS wanted this, but thought it must have been posted already. It's a huge flaw in most browsers.
DrWorm, May 26 2010

       IE8 let's you right-click on a tab and select "Duplicate tab". The new tab has the same browsing history as the original so it accomplishes what you're after.
phoenix, May 26 2010

       Holding shift does this in Firefox (at least)   

       Edit: Ctrl + Shift for new tab specifically
i-Mer, May 27 2010

       I was curious, so I held down Ctrl while clicking the back button in Firefox, and it did exactly this! Handy :)
paix120, May 29 2010

       It also works if you middle click, or scroll-wheel click. In firefox you can middle-click on any link, any page listed under history, or any button along the top, and it will open it in a new tab.
mitxela, May 29 2010

       You can command*-click the Back button in Safari to open the previous page in a new tab. The new tab doesn't come with back/forward history though.   

       *On Mac. Not sure about Windows.
notexactly, May 30 2010

       I have seven programmable buttons on the mouse, and ten more on the keyboard. Now if they could only push out multiple keystrokes/macros, and better still had Ctrl, Alt, and Shift multipliers on them....
sstvp, May 31 2010

       Thankx for the tip regarding ctrl-shif-[back-button] in Firefox. Works great. Nevertheless, with the pull-down of recent pages that is under the back-button, a right mouse menu would be handy.
LoriZ, May 31 2010


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