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Email Ding Preventing Proximity Sensor

ding, ding, ding
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Anybody who has two or more electronic gadgets with email or texting on them has this problem: you're sitting at your desk working on your computer with your smart phone in your pocket and your tablet charging on the desk. An email comes in and your phone and tablet ding at the same time. You decide which to pick up, read the email, and about that time hear a third ding from your computer alerting you to the same email.

This could be solved by an app that would use a service similar to Apple's "find my iPhone". If more than one device is detected in the same 5 meter area only the primary device will ding and the others will be silenced. If the devices are miles apart they will all ding so that you don't miss an email while you're out.

I'd also like a way to prevent people from letting email and texting from running their lives, but that is a more complicated problem to tackle.

DIYMatt, Dec 01 2012


       I'd like to see a device that tells your devices when you are near them. Specifically one that shuts them down when the owner is not near, but some folks might like switching them on as well.   

       So a proximity alerter for devices, AND one for the person as well, [+].
baconbrain, Dec 01 2012

       Bluetooth seems the logical way to go, if all your devices are paired. All that's needed is a priority chain, so the smartphone doesn't beep if the tablet is within range, and the tablet doesn't beep if it detects the computer.   

       As to the" turn off when I'm not around" idea, there are bluetooth-enabled wristwatch/bracelet devices which will alert you to incoming calls and if you move out of range of your device. You just need an app on the device that locks it when your watch/ pendant/comm badge/proximity transmitter implant is out of range.
8th of 7, Dec 02 2012


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