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Emergency Weekend

Take the weekend when the weather's good
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Here in England (and in many places) we have lots of rain. When it's sunny, it's wonderful and beautiful and great, but even in summer there's plenty of rainy days.

As so often happens, the weather does not respect human affairs, and runs to its own timetable. Hence the sad situation of gorgeous blue sunshine days occurring midweek, with everyone trapped in their offices gazing longingly out of the window, followed by weekends destroyed by wind and cloud and rain.

So - what we need is : the Emergency Weekend !

When the powers that be notice a rainy weekend coming up, preceded by a couple of days with good weather, they just declare an Emergency Weekend taking place on the good-weather days. People would take days off with the good weather, and then come back to work during the bad weather.

With current forecasts this could be predicted a week in advance, giving businesses everywhere enough time to adjust. And it would mean more time spent with friends in the park drinking beer and playing frisbee.

bumhat, Mar 15 2007

Nature 394, 561-563 (6 August 1998) http://www.nature.c...3/abs/394561a0.html
(As mentioned by Ian and placid_turmoil.) "Specifically, satellite-based precipitation estimates indicate that near-coastal ocean areas receive significantly more precipitation at weekends than on weekdays." [jutta, Mar 15 2007]


       Baked in Australia. We call them 'sickies'. Of course you have to go to the doctor and say "Gee Doc i feel a bit *cough cough*" then the doctor replies "Well I think you need a couple of days off" then you grudgingly accept a doctor's certificate clearing you to enjoy the fine weather.
the dog's breakfast, Mar 15 2007

       [Ian] The study you refer to was published in Nature back in 1998. The authors found that rainfall (just like carbon monoxide and ozone levels) moved in seven day cycles. They did not however establish direct causal links with the working week.   

       [bumhat] I would bun the idea if emergency weekends were bonus time off. The perspective of working 10 days on end, though, (at the weather's whim, at that!) is not very enticing.
placid_turmoil, Mar 15 2007

       Grow mushrooms for pleasure and profit!
Texticle, Mar 15 2007


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