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Eliminate useless Holidays

they aren't celebrated anyway
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What if we eliminated useless holidays that nobody celebrates anymore? For example: groundhog's day. Nobody celebrates it anymore and it was a goofy holiday to begin with. Why not base all holidays proportionably to how much money is spent and then eliminate holidays that don't make any money?
salmon, Dec 15 2000


       Psssst-Buddy, the idea is to CREATE more holidays. Get with the program.
thumbwax, Dec 15 2000

       I think that you're going to be swimming against the tide on this one, salmon.
DrBob, Dec 15 2000

       I was sort of thinking of replacing them wuth more up-to-date, useful ones.
salmon, Dec 15 2000

       Guess I gotta take more sick time...
iuvare, Dec 15 2000

       Why not eliminate all major holidays too? It would prevent lots of money being spent at certain times of the year. Vacations (which would not be based on holidays) could be spread out more evenly.
1a2b3c4d, Jan 21 2001

       As a graduate of the world famous Punxsutawney Area High School... I must say, don't be dissing my buddy Phil. Go Chucks! Besides, how else would Bill Murray get any work? (greetings to everyone at Gobbler's Knob! But, did we really need 6 more weeks of winter?)
Susen, Feb 08 2001

       Only eliminate those useless "days" that you don't even get a day off for. Don't you dare take away the holidays they give you a day off for.
andrewm, Oct 31 2002

       Since I have been off the pentagram since 2000 A.D. or so, I think they should get rid of holidays that imply that that day is the only day (out of 365.25) that you should give/love/help another person. Holidays with the word "Day" in their name is a good place to start.
Amishman35, May 02 2005


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