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Dinosaur Remembrance

Gone but not forgetten... <sob>
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An international 10 minute silence in rememberance of the extinction of the dinosaurs.

We stand outside our houses, tears swelling in our eyes, as we remember all the poor beasties that were wiped out by that great meteor all those millenia ago. Deep down I believe we all have a soft spot for those little guys. To me they are more than primitive prehistoric creatures... to me they are brothers.

berno, Dec 28 2005


       "let's all"
neilp, Dec 28 2005

       I think all belief systems acknowledge the existence of dinosaurs, in various terms of time past. This will anger those sects that hold dinosaurs accountable for their own extinction due to immoral behavior, irredeemability, or for failing to convert. Those will consider memorial services an affront to their gods, living or dead.
reensure, Dec 28 2005

       I wouldn’t necessarily think of them as primitive. The evidence we have seems to indicate that some of the dinos that lived around the time of the mass-extinction were very bird-like. Modern birds (should we consider them dinosaurs?) are superior in almost every way over mammals. Superior cardio-pulmonary system and metabolism (they can burn through a ridiculous amount of calories without the same levels of DNA damage we accumulate). Superior mechanically. More efficient brains (the smartest animal in the world is a bird). Oh, they can POE as well! In fact, with birds (dinos) being so far ahead of us in just about every way other than having sheer cranial displacement to spark them into human-like consciousness, we should take that ten minutes and reflect upon how we giant rats got lucky the day the rock hit…   

       As soon as we start modding our DNA, I’m sure we’ll be cutting and pasting a lot of dino into it.   

       Long live T-Rex! +
TIB, Dec 30 2005

       //As soon as we start modding our DNA, I’m sure we’ll be cutting and pasting a lot of dino into it//   

       LOL, [TIB]
Zuzu, Dec 30 2005

       I remember them every time I fill petrol in my car.
God bless Barny.
energy guy, Dec 30 2005

       //all those millenia ago// They were around for about twice that many millenia. Their descendants are still around, and their influence on us all is seldom appreciated.   

       I think that us mammals would not be what we are if our ancestors had not been scuttling for survival for so many short-lived generations. I'd not call the dinosaurs my brothers, but I will salute them as evil stepfathers.   

       Thunderlizards rule!
baconbrain, Dec 31 2005

       Dinosaur Remembrance Day could be the official holiday of the Church of Science.   

       Anyway it wasn't a meteor, it was a technological singularity like the one that's about to happen.
JesusHChrist, Dec 31 2005


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