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Double-use holidays

And on Groundhog Day, you rotate your tires.
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I like the habit of checking my smoke-detector batteries when Daylight Savings changes. Hanging two things to remember off one date is efficient. Other holidays should be reused too - white shoes before/after Labor Day is an older example, possibly in disuse.
hello_c, Feb 04 2001


       On Apollo Day, you could always remeber to give your cryo-tanks a stir...
Wes, Feb 04 2001

       My somewhat Boston-centric suggestions:   

       Halloween: Time to winterize. Valentine's Day: Time to prune the grape arbor. Patriot's Day: Spring cleaning and annual trip to Goodwill. Memorial Day: Rotate annual data backup. Evacuation Day: Time to start procrastinating on tax forms.
beland, Feb 04 2001

       I can't check my smoke-detector batteries from work, though. Not safely.   

       Alas, for most of us, managing our lives outside work takes some effort. I wish to minimize the amount of thought this requires. The daylight savings/smoke detector one is probably the best possible, since it's easy to check the detectors when I'm walking around resetting the clocks. I like the Memorial Day/tape backup one too, it has an elegiac internal logic.
hello_c, Feb 06 2001

       Quadruple baked: Frank's Nursery and Crafts (a gardening chain in the States that I used to work for) had a slogan called E.M.I.L. for when you were supposed to fertilize your lawn: Easter, Memorial Day, Independence Day, and Labor Day.   

       It is a good idea, and possible with present technology.
pnewp, Feb 06 2001

       Aren't you supposed to take holidays off and not DO ANYTHING ON THEM? :)   

       ps. I was born/raised in California; never heard of the Memorial Day/Labor Day white shoe thing till I was out of college. What's the point?
arghblah, Feb 06 2001

       To some extent, I do this already... Always schedule doctor/eye doctor/dentist in January, etc. Now that I have a Yahoo Calendar that's set to remind me when to do stuff, my life is so much more organized...
ElectraSteph, Feb 07 2001

       I get my hair trimmed on the Daylight Savings change --spring and fall--- I have long hair and this is all that is necessary. I also get a tetnus booster everytime there is a presidential election/summer Olympics. April Fool's Day is time for the annual vaccinations for the horses except for their rabies shots which are done around July 4th. Dogs get their vaccinations at Labor Day. Do these count?
Susen, Feb 08 2001

       On Lady Di day you can scream at the wind.
eight_nine_tortoise, Mar 26 2009

       Change your underwear every Preston Guild.
coprocephalous, Mar 26 2009


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