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Extra day at the weekend once a month
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I can't really take full credit for this as Stan, a mate who i used to share a house with, came up with the original idea.

It's quite simple, the weekends are never long enough. Before you know it Friday and Saturday are lost in a drunken haze and Sunday is spent feeling hungover and waiting for work on Monday. Well, imagine if, once a month, the days of the week went Friday, Saturday, Crackerday, Sunday... yep, that's right, an extra day at the weekend before Sunday to have more fun.

It's not a day to do shopping, indeed shopping for clothes/food/etc would be outlawed... it's a day for going out and playing in the park, getting drunk in bars, spending more times with your loved ones (sorry, bit of an old hippy at heart...). Generally, a day when you can just do things outside of the normal weekend.

... and then you'd have Sunday to get over it all, feel a bit depressed but, underneath it all, have a small warm glow knowing that the next Crackerday is only four weeks away.

Make it happen people...

dingwap, Oct 19 2002


       shame, thought it was forensic science day, psycho-profiling, mystery murder weekends.. bitterly disappointed.
po, Oct 19 2002

       Congratulations, you made it to the correct category.
[ sctld ], Oct 19 2002

       I thought this was a day for whitey
thumbwax, Oct 19 2002

       Funny Thumb
bristolz, Oct 19 2002

       Huh? How many extra day ideas are we supposed to entertain simultaneously?
snarfyguy, Oct 19 2002

       //Make it happen people...//   

       Ok, just wait while I email God...
madradish, Oct 20 2002

       Oh good god! I thought this was some suggestion for a horrific mutated offspring TV show from Whackaday and Crackerjack. <whispers> The horror, the horror!</whispers>
Zircon, Oct 21 2002

       I thought it was gonna be about having a sort of mascot cracker for each day of the week. Monday would be "Triscuit" day, Tuesday "Cheese-its" (mmm), and so on up until Saturday being "Ritz" day.
blissmiss, Oct 21 2002

       Mullet Haircuts - $5
Cinderblocks (suitable for raising mobile homes or derilect vehicles) - $1.50 ea
Pabst Beer - .50/6 pack
Coveralls - $15.00
phoenix, Oct 21 2002

       Major churn I know but I'm so chuffed, Zircon just reminded me of Whackaday! I'm off to dig up a second baseball hat.
stilgar, Jan 05 2006

       //a day when shops put on specials for the po' white trash// Po? White trash? Is this a libel on our beloved [po]?

Thought this was going to be a day when underwear would be worn on the outside.
coprocephalous, Jan 05 2006

       We have these. They're called Bank Holidays...
Minimal, Jan 05 2006


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