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Dog Faces for Cats

Chew wi' the best o' em
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There are many cats everywhere, but, it seems to me, fewer dogs. Now, dogs are better. Better at life, better at scaring burglars and better at darts, generally speaking. Cats get everywhere, whereas dogs tend to sit in the hallway sniffing dust and barking at passing street shadows. So let's get somebody clever and good with their hands - somebody, perhaps, as skilled as Jim Henson, or even Rolf Harris - to make authentic dog-face masks for cats. Think about it! Standard cat in an alley -> stealthy sly old bulldog with penchant for fish and squirty cheese. Or lazy cat lying in patch of windowsill sun -> scary, scary German Shepherd (reduced) willing to rip burglar's scrot with fangs. Or cat caught in a tree? -> poodle ready to pounce on pheasant.
eehen, Jul 09 2000


       Well, it's been a while, but I can't quite believe we're equinanimal about this one. Eeh!
eehen, Jul 19 2000

       Leave the equines out of this...
bookworm, Jul 19 2000

       But if my Girlfriend screams when she sees one, won't the bodysnatchers start chasing us?
thumbwax, Oct 04 2000


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