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Energy Bracelet

No, not Sailor Moon. Caffiene or something . . .
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New, mini-lancet or air-injection-capable bracelets, worn around the wrist of people suffering from severe allergic reactions, or more commonly, the lack of coordination, skill or energy to use normal delivery technology.

The concept here is that the bracelet, when "twanged" against the wrist, will successfully deliver 1 dose of the required medication or stimulant to help the user overcome their short-term difficulty. Ideal for those prone to anaphylactic shock or diabetics who can sometimes require immediate injection to avoid passing out.

I owe this design to my wife, however, as she is the one who brought the element of over-tired housewives using these as a caffiene-delivery aid in times of great lethargy.

I await the roasting.

Also - Happy Holidays to everyone who celebrates them!

MikeHolio, Dec 14 2003

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       Seems to me it would be prone to accidental triggering.
waugsqueke, Dec 14 2003

       better as a garter then waugs?
po, Dec 14 2003

       Not such a bad idea for those prone to heart attacks or asthma attacks, where a short sharp dose of the right medicine might make all the difference.
DrCurry, Dec 15 2003

       A variation for injecting Viagra at the area of need might be counterproductive - what with the pain of the 'twang'!
dobtabulous, Dec 16 2003


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