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Enlightenment Tree

Miniature version of Buddha's Tree
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Those seeking enlightenment could purchase this miniature version of a Pipal Tree (or any generic Ficus, in a pinch), the same tree under which Buddha became enlightened. It would come with a miniature full moon and morning star (part of the Buddha story), and a small kit of items with which to contemplate human suffering, which would include a journal and pencil, and some Poison Oak resin.
musicator, Aug 19 2003

Morningstar http://elfwood.lysa...orningstar.jpg.html
Doesn't seem very fitting for a buddhist unless you want to contemplate other humans suffering. [squeak, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       So... this tree doesn't light up?
DeathNinja, Aug 20 2003

       Can I be the white elephant?
Shz, Aug 20 2003

       Does it include Buddha's Weight Watchers recipe book?
FarmerJohn, Aug 20 2003

       For those in the pursuit of scientific knowledge - as opposed to divine enlightenment - there should be a single apple, just ready to fall off one of the branches.
Jinbish, Aug 20 2003

       Maybe we should take Buddha's tree of enlightenment, Moses' burning bush, and Newton's apple tree and throw them into one of those monster flaming battlezone deathmatch cages for an all-out bloodbath grudge match war to the death killer stompfest smashbone ragemurderbodyslamoozingcrunchgrrrrrAARRRGGHH!!!!   

       <pant, pant, pant>   

       Winner takes on the victor from the contest between the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil from the Garden of Eden and the Tree of Life from Revelation. Anybody else want a piece?
beauxeault, Aug 20 2003

       You forgot ' The Ugly Tree '. You know. The one that some people fall out of... hitting every branch on the way down.
Jinbish, Aug 20 2003

       ... and the giving tree. I personally would prefer some sort of Pipal (or bhodi) tree hat that can rest above my soon-to-be-enlightened head at all times.
k_sra, Aug 20 2003

       I've got a mug tree. Does that count?
squeak, Aug 20 2003

       All competitors' entrance music taken from U2's "The Joshua Tree".   

       "We must stop the destruction of the planet - we need trees, not fact'ries!" - Bill Bailey
friendlyfire, Aug 20 2003

       <Kreuner> Yep, it's a bhodi tree (bhodisattva). Buddha's original tree (or a decendant of, at least) is still growing in India. It's essentially a ficus/fig tree.   

       I like the hat idea. It could be a constant reminder to cultivate mindfulness. It should be an "eight-fold hat" (sorry). The Buddha meditated under this tree for a couple of months, I think, so the hat idea could keep you under the tree for as long as you wished. And I like the lighting idea... small battery & LEDs? And plugging it into an AC outlet turns it into a burning bush!
musicator, Aug 20 2003

       People might think it's a christmas tree hat, which is completely the wrong message.
Worldgineer, Aug 20 2003


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