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Email ghostwriter

Near instant wit for sale
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Sometimes I'm answering an email and I want to end it with a joke or something witty to impress the person, but I'm feeling pretty uninspired so I just fire off a boring email.

There's a mint to be made here or at least a crazy startup. Okay, so I have this boring email to, lets say, a girl I want to impress. I quickly forward it to the "witty people company" which is just a bunch of out of work writers and comedians sitting in front of computers. They spice up my email and charge me a small amount like a dollar or two or so. I get the email back in few minutes and incorporate the changes.

As long as they dont keep using the same gags or cut&paste it should work out. Perhaps with a guarantee for originality. A situation where someone gets four emails with the same joke or humorous observation and figures out you've got a ghost-writer shouldn't happen.

lowbot, Apr 09 2005


       Here's an amusing thought for you: Producers of mass email containing varied content to pass filters think they're pretty witty.
reensure, Apr 09 2005

       Oh, yeah! That would be the perfect job for me.
whippinggas, Apr 09 2005

       I wish I had one of these for when I put in my Halfbakery ideas, to make me seem like an intelligent, witty person, which I am not, but still, I'd like to dream.   

       [whippinggas] Welcome to the Halfbakery, 3 days late!
froglet, Apr 09 2005

       Sounds nice but what happens when your contacts talk to you one on one, do you repeat other peoples lines?
johnbakersmon, Sep 01 2008


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