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Domestic Robots Now!

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How can we have the experience of ulta-realistic human-like robots now?

Rather than recreate the desired human characterisics with technology, train impeccable professional robot enactors for hire.

Mustardface, Apr 18 2010

Robot impersonation http://www.youtube....watch?v=gsOaQGF7kiQ
They're already here... [DrWorm, Apr 18 2010]


       [DrWorm], the specification was //realistic human-like//
pocmloc, Apr 18 2010

       This probably exists as a niche fetish ... but I'm far too scared of what I might find to be able to test this out by searching!
Aristotle, Apr 19 2010

       The reason robots are so much more strongly desired in cases of domestic chores is entirely social. A person must be offered certain considerations in todays egalitarian society or one feels guilty.   

       It was not always so and in the cases of the very rich still isn't.   

       In front of a robot I can fart, walk around nude, surf porn, never say please or thank you, not worry about being too close, snatch something out of its hand. A robot won't be obligated to report a crime it may witness, won't be offended if I ignore it, can be turned off and put away without me feeling guilty.   

       A robot, in short, can be treated as an object. And that's why I'm bunning this idea. It would certainly cost more to hire people to put up with that kind of behavior, but slip a veil of behavior and dress over a person and most people can treat him as a robot. Which can be mutually beneficial.
Voice, Apr 19 2010

       I want to BE your robot! (for a price!)   

       But really, Voice, it sounds like being married except you get paid for it.   

       Thanks for the bun. I'll eat it here, please.
Mustardface, Apr 20 2010

       [Aristotle], there is such a thing as a robot fetish. It's on the Deviant Desires map thing. That suggests an interesting cashflow situation where people will pay to "become" robots and can then be hired out by an agency to people. Cash both ways, nice thought.
nineteenthly, Apr 21 2010

       'May I be your robot? I shall pay you well!'   

       Of course robot enactors would be quite similar to servants.  The robot enactors, though, would be excellent at simulating robots rather than just being servants.
Mustardface, Apr 22 2010

       //You would PAY someone to do the robot!?//

I have. "Do the Robot" was a track on the B-side of The Saints single "This Perfect Day".

//the B-side //

Hmmm. That rather dates me, doesn't it!
DrBob, Apr 22 2010


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