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HalfBakery Street Peculiers

No shit, Sherlock
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A private enquiry agency run by halfbakers on a weird non-rational rota basis.

May or may not be Holistic. Contains nuts.

Come to the agency with your problem, and we will solve it, then send you away with a whole bunch of new and bizarre ones.

No job too large or too small. Reasonable rates to regular customers.

8th of 7, Dec 17 2012

Peculier http://en.wikipedia...er_(disambiguation)
Odder than you might think. [8th of 7, Dec 18 2012]


       No, shit Sherlock.
ytk, Dec 17 2012

       If you really liked action all that much you probably wouldn't know about them at all.
rcarty, Dec 18 2012

       As [8-o-7] said, "Contains nuts."
sqeaketh the wheel, Dec 18 2012

       sp. peculiars
rcarty, Dec 18 2012

       // sp. peculiars //   

       Sp. Peculiers   

8th of 7, Dec 18 2012

       I don't see how it's odder than I might think.
rcarty, Dec 19 2012

       The Bush administration had peculuars.   

       BTW for those who don't know what the Bush administration was, it was a government system run by bushes, - short, thoughtless (and clueless) tree like entities.   

       There once was a pirate ship captain named Shirley Sue. He was tall and brave, but was best known for his red shirt. He would say: if I'm ever wounded in battle, the red shirt will cover up my blood, and I'll fight to death.   

       Then one day he finally met his rival. A peculiar halfbaker who invented the tiny torpedo, a tiny underwater robot attaching itself to the boat's keel, powered by the water currents, and drilling hundreds of small holes all along one side of the boat, causing it to lean to one side and finally capsize.   

       She came in small rowboat, with only her two helpers at her sides. Cap'n Shirley lowered their rowboat and stood up on it proudly. When they reached firing range, he drew out his pistol pointed it at the halfbaker with out further ado, and pulled the trigger.   

       No sound was heard. It turned out that the gun powder he had used was taken from a pirated ship that was returning powder with dates on the boxes that had expired.   

       There was s short silence and then the capn said:
- No shot, sure lucky y'all are!

       Without blinking an eye the halfbaker replied: "Look back! No ship, Shirley!"   

       The moral of the story is: "If you'r not sure, look, don't shoot. "
pashute, Dec 20 2012


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