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divorce-proof house

I'll 'ave 'alf
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This concept house can save unnecessary unpleasantness if a co-habiting couple decide to go their separate ways.

Every item in the house would be designed to function either as a whole or as 2 separate halves. For example the sofa could be unzipped to create 2 chairs, the toaster could be unhooked to create 2 toasters that can cook only 1 slice at a time, and so on. If an item is deemed "unsplittable", then there would be some built in redundacy, just in case. For instance, the record player would have 2 turntables.

Even the house itself could be detached, or semi-detached as it would become.

slancaster, May 18 2001

Tending bakedwards http://bldgblog.blo...-divorce-court.html
[calum, Mar 11 2007]

Steptoe and son "divided we stand" 1972 http://www.youtube....watch?v=v28Qx8WDbTw
[PainOCommonSense, Nov 01 2012]


       For the Polygamists out there, it could be Terraced.
Bedford Van, May 18 2001

       Record player? Turntables? Sheesh. No wonder you have marital problems.
globaltourniquet, May 18 2001

       What happens if B*tchy (or Grumpy) gets married and devorced again?
[ sctld ], May 18 2001

       A his-n-her pair of curtains?
graham Anderson, Jun 07 2001

       Why not just have the government issue everyone half of a double-wide trailer. Then if they break up, they just move off the lot...   

       Either way, the divorce is still going to be messy.   

       "Hey! you stole my half of the toaster, give it back!"   

       "Not until you stop sleeping on my half of the couch!"
ye_river_xiv, Dec 23 2006

       I thought this would somehow be rigged up to put back the healthy fun and friendship into a married couple. Was wondering how you would accomplish that with technology.
pashute, Nov 01 2012


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