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Home CyberPub

Thanks to [a1] for the inspiration
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This would be an automated home bar, with all your ingredients listed on an app or website for your friends to see, so they can surprise you with a drink at home, made from your own supply. They place the order directly to your robot bartender, who then dutifully mixes the drink to the ordered specification. A robot server then brings it to you. Hopefully they have the same setup at home so you can return the favor!
21 Quest, Nov 15 2023

Inspired by this Automated_20Bartend...ine_20conversations
[21 Quest, Nov 15 2023]

And paired with this! CyberPub
[21 Quest, Nov 15 2023]

What this idea looked like back in 2001 Yahoo!_20Instant_20...ger_20Virtual_20Pub
[hippo, Nov 15 2023]


       Needs security.
Voice, Nov 15 2023

       What, like a bouncer? Seems a bit extreme for an in-home bar don't you think?
21 Quest, Nov 15 2023

       Sounds dreadful
pocmloc, Nov 15 2023

       [+] Yes, that would be a necessary component along with the bartender system I was describing. Each person at home should feel like they're in the same pub as everyone else - one drink menu, same selection of taps, one bartender. I was only focused on distributing the bartender's singular personality and awareness to each node.
a1, Nov 15 2023

       It's missing the faint smell of vomit and the risk of some stranger trying to start a fight with you.
pertinax, Nov 15 2023


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