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Et phone plane

Earth calling the sky
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I've used Skyphone a few times on BA, and its a cool little service, why not have a service for Earth to call you up in the sky.

This would also be done by using satellelite connectivity. One would go online and through a database of Plane phone numbers, would search for the one they want to call. A switchboard on the flight would redirect them to the person they wish to talk to, after quoting their name and seat number, which the passanger would give to people they're expecting calls from prior to the flight.

I cant particularly see why this would be important for me right now, but I'm sure a lot of people out there would appreciate this service.

shinobi, May 13 2006


       Yeah...on second thought I suppose this is a silly idea...I'm removing my own vote
shinobi, May 14 2006

       "Good afternoon sir. I'd like to talk to you about flexi-pane double glazing."
"I'm sorry, but I'm busy. I've got to...erm"
"That's what I thought. Get settled in, this is going to take a while."
hidden truths, May 14 2006


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