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Someone's Watching

in-flight movie ranking and recommendation
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imagine the situation - you've got a few hours to waste on a flight and 6 movies you've never heard of to choose from. You ask the flight attendant which one's best, but they've not seen any of them, so you flip to the 'in-flight recommendations channel', here it shows you how many people have/are watching which movie and also (on suitably equipped planes) who's voted for which film.
neilp, Mar 03 2005


       So, you'd be satisfied with the average choice?
bristolz, Mar 03 2005

       Good idea !
NeoPiter, Mar 03 2005

       And what if the plane is full of lawyers who are all watching and enjoying 'Judge Judy'?
froglet, Mar 03 2005

       of course not [bris], I'll be going for the least popular one.
neilp, Mar 03 2005

       Good idea, but it wouldn't make a difference because they would still show the most wretched, God-awful movies known to man. Like Gigli, or Catwoman. Or Gigli Meets Catwoman. Well, that last one might be ok after all.
thatguy, Mar 04 2005

       //And what if the plane is full of lawyers who are all watching and enjoying 'Judge Judy'?//   

       Drug the pilot. ;)
not_only_but_also, Mar 04 2005


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