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Woop woop bang

When you need to reach out and touch someone exactly there
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This small, cheap quad rotor drone would carry a camera, an encrypted radio transponder, and nothing else. Its purpose in life would be to be flown to exactly the place friendly forces want a bomb dropped and start squawking. This would make it simpler for ground troops to specify precise location and would make it possible for radio-guided bombs or missiles to achieve high precision. Dummies would be trivial to construct and fly, complicating countermeasures.

The companion product is a small missile which is all kinds of sticky to attach to enemy vehicles and buildings. Why not just attach the explosive to the drone or missile? Because a thousand pounds of explosive ordinance is a bit much to carry even for a muscled-up infantryman.

Also included is a description of the requested ordinance and, optionally, the spread of, for example, cluster bomblets.

Voice, Jan 02 2023


       I’m gonna bun anything incorporating drone use in the battle plan. We’ve really got to move beyond WW1 thinking.   

       Tanks are one thing that's obsolete in the drone warfare age for instance. Ten thousand dollar drone vs a five million dollar tank = buh bye tank.
doctorremulac3, Jan 02 2023


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