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Ever clean table cover

Multi layered, self adhesing plastic table cloth
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You've just gutted fish on the dining room table and the kids want to color and play with play-doh. Do you take the table outside, hose it down and disinfect it before they play? No! You simply peel off the top layer and throw it away! As they finish, it's time for lunch. Do they have to wait while you clean the table? No - just peel off the soiled layer and let the kids eat!

There is a product called Press'n Seal plastic wrap (at least here in the US). It has a gentle adhesive on one side that seems to be activated by pressure. Put it on your container, press around the edges and what ever is in there is there to stay. What I'm proposing is a version wide enough to cover a table top. Thicker than regular plastic wrap and about 5 to 10 layers thick. Each layer thick enough to stand up to a little abuse - you won't poke through the layer you are using when you touch it with your fork! When the top layer is suitably soiled - just get rid of it.

Be a nice for outside too, when there is a bit of a breeze.

Ichthus, Jul 16 2004

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       Fishbone for manufacturing something for the express purpose of throwing it away. What's wrong with spending a few seconds wiping the table?
hippo, Jul 16 2004

       It isn't manufactured for that express purpose. It's manufactured to increase the ease of cleaning and general cleanliness. Many tables are manufactured to install 'leaves'. When liquids are spilled (at least at my house) that's where liquids seem to be drawn - and then straight to the floor. The table at my house is made wood, which is very hard to sanitize. With the Ever Clean the next layer is clean and germ free.   

       Besides - how many other items are manufatured for that purpose? Our razors? Newspapers? Even T.V.'s (when is the last time you had one of those repaired when it malfunctioned?)
Ichthus, Jul 18 2004

       Our dining room table IS outdoors, and I cleaned fish on it last night, using newspapers. We then rolled it up, threw it out, and fired up the barbecue. We then dined on said table.   

       Calico bass tacos, yummy.
normzone, Jul 19 2004

       It's really quite amazing to me just how dirty three children can get a table in just a few hours. And some things that end up on the table wont just wipe off ... I ended up having to get the metal spatula to scrape it off. I've actually started purchasing plastic table cloths that occassionally get thrown in the washer and eventually thrown away when they are too stained.
bewenched, Jul 19 2004

       (nz) Assuming a fishbone - no hard feelings - I just gave a roll to your Half Degree. And I'll be sure to keep my cat indoors next time we come to Southern Cal. He has a very low meow.
Ichthus, Jul 19 2004


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