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Gourmet Gondolas

Better than a lazy susan - it's a ferris wheel for food
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At a large dining table, isn't it such a chore to pass the food around? Does't it spoil the family banquet if everyone is so busy passing the turkey and marshmallow sweet potatoes, that no one can eat before their food gets cold?

Enter the Gourmet Gondola - Making the passing of dishes and delights a romantic and fun affair. By design, it is far superior to the old, drab, lazy susan. Unlike the lazy susan, which rotated horizontally in the center of the table, leaving those towards the ends and outer fringes no better off for aquiring their meal, the Gourmet Gondola passes equally by those on the ends, the fringes, and the middle, leaving no one feeling left out, simply rotating on its axis vertically in the center of the table. Gone are the days of the lazy susan. Welcome to the Gourrmet Gondola!

The structure is like a ferris wheel, but just 4 feet high, with all the gondolas shaped like serving bowls. Cut a slot in the dining table about 5 feet long, and wider than a serving bowl. Lower the ferris wheel into the slot, allowing the axis to rest across the slot, so that the wheel extends two feet above and two feet below the tabletop.

When Joe wants a second helping of carrots, and sees them on the far end of the table, he pulls down on the wheel to turn it, and sees the carrots rise up, ride to the top of the wheel, then down toward him. Meanwhile Mary reaches under the table for a scoop of mashed potatoes, and Tom spins the salt shaker as it passes overhead. The bowls along the perimeter pivot so they are always level, so the food in them doesn't spill.

The Santa Monica model gives evening meals extra color with its beautiful lights. As the family grows, they can upgrade to the London Eye model, or Condiment Conveyor Belt for tables longer than 6 feet.

robinism, Sep 09 2012


       I'd like mine with heated carriages.
4and20, Sep 09 2012

       Jolly ingenious idea, but surely the staff will feel embarrassed, just standing around?
MaxwellBuchanan, Sep 09 2012

       Nice idea. +
blissmiss, Sep 09 2012

       You can see your house from up there.   

       The gondola moves along just when you are -2 fries shy of a happy meal
Lesser Spotted Kiwi, Sep 11 2012

       That's deep...   

       Be careful not to kick the food underneath.
RayfordSteele, Sep 11 2012

       + Can the turkey get its own Gondola with oars?
xandram, Sep 11 2012


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