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Hot poTable

You know, like hot potato, but hot poTab...um, forget it.
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What this is, basically is a big 'ol fancy dining table but in the middle you have a big chunk of the table removable, revealing a huge grill. There is room on the sides for everyone's plates still, and they just throw whatever they want in the middle. The legs on the table, which hold the power cords to the grill, can be shortened for a whole Japanese steakhouse, sitting on the floor style, or at normal height when the grill is not being used. Also, there are refrigerated drawers on the table to hold food items that need to stay cool, removing any need to go back and forth to the fridge. The removable top would look kinda like a trapezoid piece of wood that could be taken out. Not sure if this is baked on a wide-scale or at all, but I could see it as a pretty popular item for people who like to host a large dinner party.
goober, May 17 2005

Korean Barbeque joint http://www.chosungalbee.com/
[ato_de, May 17 2005]


       This is totally not what I thought it was going to be. [po] is going to laugh when she sees the title though, I think.
contracts, May 17 2005

       ha ha, I didn't even realize it said potable...but you probably meant that it has po's name in it. Man, I'm stupid.
goober, May 17 2005

       They do something very similar to this at fancy fondue places... sans po, naturally.
justaguy, May 17 2005

       I know they already have tables like this, but my idea was for one that you couldn't tell had a grill until you removed the top portion. Also, it should be available outside of restaurants for the amazing low price of $5999.
goober, May 17 2005

       If I recall correctly, the table did have a cover for the grill portion. Fortunately, I'm too lazy to look it up.
justaguy, May 17 2005

       Well, good then. I have a great and original idea because justaguy is lazy! Thank you.
goober, May 17 2005

       baked. There are lots of restaurants like this in California as per [ato_de]'s link. Taking one home doesn't seem novel, but if you've never seen these before... maybe.
sophocles, May 18 2005

       And these tables had refrigerated drawers in them? Or adjustable height? Basically, I would want the visitor to be surprised to find a grill underneath the surface of the dining table.
goober, May 18 2005


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