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Every Dog Has Its Warble

Individual dog whistle
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Every Dog Has Its Warble is a new type of dog whistle that creates a sound which is individual and unique to your dog.

The whistle is blown like any other, and emits a tone that is above the limit of human range, but is perfectly audible to any dog. The difference between this and any other whistle lies in its internal construction.

Each warbler is tuned to be totally unique, by emitting two separate frequencies that correspond to the lines on a bar code. Blowing into the warbler activates a tiny modulator, powered by a watch battery. This action causes a sound which mirrors the "thins", "thicks" and spaces of the bar code. The spaces are of course short, silent gaps.

Dogs are smart and they will quickly learn the sound of their own particular device, which remains totally inaudible to people.

xenzag, Aug 02 2007


       Not if you remove their vocal chords! Oh, wait a moment, that's not what you're talking about.   

       How about a device that simply says the dog's name, albeit pitched too high for people to hear? (Making it easier to produce "totally unique" warbles, and much less embarrassing for people whose dogs have names like Foofles McFluffkin III.)
DrCurry, Aug 02 2007

       morse code whistles for dogs - excellent.   

       xen, did you have a former incarnation here?
po, Aug 02 2007

       + I am giving you a croissant in a doggie bag...
xandram, Aug 02 2007

       //xen, did you have a former incarnation here?/ [po] I still think of myself as a kind of newbie, as I only discovered the site about a week before I joined it in Sep 2005.   

       As regards being an incarnate, I believe I once spent time as a fungal infection between the toes of Napoleon - a karma punishment for my misdeeds as the first emperor of China.   

       My first ideas were totally outside of Bakery boundaries, and were systematically deleted, though I did embed one inside another (a barking, zebra rat) - which I still like and believe would be an asset to anyone, especially in its zebra furred coat.
xenzag, Aug 02 2007

       hey, I'm still a newbie - you just remind me of farmerjohn. <sigh>.
po, Aug 02 2007


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