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Novelty Item: When your dog sits, it says "Hi, I'm Truffles!"
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This product clips onto your dog's collar. When the dog is not moving and it's head is at an angle consistent with sitting, it plays the user-recorded message.

Recordable greeting cards are available for about $3.00 and the and the sensors required to detect the correct position range are extremely cheap. In quantity, this device could be as cheap as $5.00 to make.

I have dogs, and I don't see the sit very often except around humans.

Imagine a dog sees you, comes over, sits down and announces "Hi, I'm Truffles!"

just4kinks, Jun 03 2004

Dolittle Doors http://www.halfbake...ea/Dolittle_20Doors
See link for 'Bow Lingual'. Imagine a dog sees you, comes over, sits down and announces "Hi! Why have you just trodden in my turd?" [DrBob, Oct 04 2004]


Worldgineer, Jun 03 2004

       Might work better as a dog training collar with embedded speaker and remote. Teach your dog to properly introduce himself. Teach him some manners!
ldischler, Jun 03 2004

       I was expecting something like Navaho code talkers....coded battlefield communications via canines.....   

       "I'm not certain, sir, but I think he's saying he's found weapons of mass destruction and a bitch in heat"
normzone, Jun 03 2004

       Norm i can believe the Bitch in heat but not the WMD.   

       just, add appropriate accents to this a Chihuahua says hi in a Mexican accent, an Alsatian in an Arnie accent etc.
engineer1, Jun 04 2004

       What if its name isn't "Truffles"?
waugsqueke, Jun 04 2004

       Eric says, "Hi Truffles." <snigger>
po, Jun 04 2004

       The sound of a dog farting when it sits down would be quite amusing. +
skinflaps, Mar 14 2008


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